Let There be Music ! Patch 1.67

Saturday, August 4, 2012 10 comments

Two sims playing music

I finally updated this to the latest patch level. Sorry for any inconvenience.

This is a mod I made after seeing a request on NRaas Industries

What it does:

  • Sims won't wake up anymore if a stereo that has the "wired house" upgrade is turned on while they sleep.
  • It will also stop sleeping Sims from waking up if another Sim decides to jam next to them.
  • Light sleepers Sims won't wake up either if the music is turned on. As for heavy sleepers, I believe they were never affected by this.
  • Sims will behave normally if a fire starts/a burglar comes by/the alarm clock goes off/Phone rings, meaning that they will wake up, but the "Rude Awakening" buff won't show.
  • As for Pets, they should behave normally, which means that there's a chance the music will wake them up, and that will make them select another spot to sleep. It shouldn't happen more than once though.
On a side note, when a stereo is upgraded, Sims will automatically turn it off when they go to sleep. This seems to be hard coded and I haven't found a way to prevent it from happening. Just turn it back on when the last Sim is sleeping and you're good to go for the rest of the night.

The "Enjoying Music" buff won't show while Sims are asleep, but it will come back first thing in the morning when they wake up.

This mod is safe to use with Shimrod's Stereo MP3 Volume Fixer because they don't alter the same resources.
Also, this mod is not necessary if you use Awesomemod, since it already has this functionality.

To use this mod, your game needs to be patched to the latest level, which is 1.67. 
If you already use a mod that alters the Buff XML resource, it should be pretty easy to make this mod compatible with it. If you're not sure how to do it, feel free to send me a message either here (tumblr) or here (wikispace), or in the comments below.

Credits and Thank you's!

  • Twallan, from NRaas Industries. Without his help, I would probably still be scratching my head about the infinite "Rude Awakening" buff loop. Thank you! :)
  • Inge and Peter Jones, from Simlogical, for the very useful S3PE tool. Can't live without this tool anymore. :)
  • Twoftmama and Bluegenjutsu, from TFM's Naughty Sims Asylum; I've peeked in many mods you've made, and it helped me understand better how it worked, so a huge thank you to both of you! :)
  • Simwahine, Traelia, and Willow, who gracefully accepted to drop this mod in their game and test it with different settings and situations. Thank you for your time ladies! It was greatly appreciated! :) 
That's about it.
Enjoy! :)

Download on Mediafire.



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